Lies and Seductions

After I take down Lies and Seductions Unity project from Drop Box, because my files generated too much traffic, the project is back online. You can download the project on the page The project is Unity 3 project. The project is not fully upgraded: FMOD plugin used to play sounds and music and handled to syncContinue reading “Lies and Seductions”

Testing Public Variables in Unity

Edit 2012/12/08: A bug fix (End() did not show correct error count); change reporting: now EndCase() and End() use Debug.LogError() fuction in reporting if there were errors (otherwise Debug.Log() is used). It is easy to forget to set a public variable of a script in Inspector and it might take some time to figure out whereContinue reading “Testing Public Variables in Unity”

Introduction to Unity

  Unity 1 from Petri Lankoski The introduction tutorial uses accompanied Unity packages: (requires Pro, as it uses Image Effects and Sound Effects). (work in the free version of  Unity). Update 2013/01/07. file hosting changes and URLs changes to point to the new location. Update 2012/10/27: The slides and packages now include GameManager and MainScreenGUI prefabs. GameAgentsContinue reading “Introduction to Unity”

Unity Examples

EDIT 20130525: updated links to Escape package. I have created a small Unity package for teaching unity basics. You can download it at (requires Pro, as it uses Image Effects and Sound Effects). (work in free). To use this create new unity project (File->New Project…). Select  Toon Shading (and Image Effects if you have Pro) package(s) before creating theContinue reading “Unity Examples”

Perception System Explained

Here is a bit explanation how the perception system code works. Basic features of the code is as follows If the player object is behind some other object, it is not seen. This is tested with Physics.Linecast from the center of perceiving object to the center of the player object. If player object is reallyContinue reading “Perception System Explained”

Simple Perception System (Unity, C#)

Here is a very simple perception C# code that I used my lecture today for Unity. Function that can be added to the Enemy class to check if the enemy sees the player object or not (the code for other functionality can be found on the post /2011/10/29/intro-to-gameplay-programming-with-unity/). With this code, an enemy can perceiveContinue reading “Simple Perception System (Unity, C#)”

Intro to Gameplay Programming with Unity

This post contains an solutions  to my Unity programming exercises and classes I showed at the lectures. This post cover coding following game logic: a waypoint track an agent following a waypoint track display two meters  for energy and health collectable powerups for gaining health and power

Intro to Unity GUI

This post contains an solutions  to my Unity programming exercises and classes I showed at the lectures. This post cover coding some basic things about using Unity GUI system. StartScreenGUI (C#) This class creates simple re-sizable and skinnable start screen for a game with main screen, credits screen, and confirm screen for quitting. The mainContinue reading “Intro to Unity GUI”

Lies and Seductions 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 published. The version contains corrections as follows: dialogue logic fixes; dance mini-game score calculation error fix; heart indicators are posted after dialogue ends, so it is possible to see the indicator. Known issues: The windows version have rendering artifacts. The correction is waiting for Unity 2.6 version which should contain the fix forContinue reading “Lies and Seductions 1.0.1”

Lies and Seductions & Unity Awards 2008

Lies and Seduction earned Special Recognition: Adventure Game Development at Unity Awards 2008. We submitted a very early version to the contest. Hopefully the current version is even better. Unity people got the videos out from the Unity 2008 conference yesterday, and I went to see what they say about the game. Sam Kalman introducedContinue reading “Lies and Seductions & Unity Awards 2008”