The First Graduates…

The first students in bachelors programs Computer Game Programme: Game Design and Production and Computer Game Programme: Game Graphics. A group of graduating students also just got their first game A Story About My Uncle released on Steam. In addition, the first students are graduating from the  Game design and production masters program at Aalto University (was establishing thatContinue reading “The First Graduates…”

Some Refelections on the Game Project Course

In the Game Project course students design and develop a game from a scratch to (at least) beta level. It is obvious that current version of the game project course has some flaws. Currently the structure suffers issues of the big-design-first model. The course milestones set does not require prototyping and iteration. This has workedContinue reading “Some Refelections on the Game Project Course”

Character-Driven Game Design & Lies and Seductions

Lies and Seductions The game can be downloaded for free at or get with the Character-Driven Game Design. OSX and Windows versions available. Works also in Linux via Wine. Lies and Seductions is a single player game about seduction, lies, and betrayal. Are you able to guide Abby to seduce a rock star, Chris,Continue reading “Character-Driven Game Design & Lies and Seductions”