Violent game effects?

This is not anything like systematic review, but more notes for myself. The long debate of how violent games effect on behavior. Anderson, et al. (2010) argue that there are violent games increase aggression and lower empathy: The evidence strongly suggests that exposure to violent video games is a causal risk factor for increased aggressiveContinue reading “Violent game effects?”

Computer Games and Emotions

Update 2012/08/30:  the full text is available on my blog. I have a chapter about emotions in computer games in The Philosophy of Computer Games book. Here the abstract of the chapter: How players experience games emotionally is the central question in this essay. The answer varies and depends on the game. Yet, most of the actionsContinue reading “Computer Games and Emotions”

Player Character Engagement in Computer Games

My article  Player Character Engagement in Computer Games came out. Here is the abstract: This article argues how players can control a player character influence interpretation and facilitate engagement within a game. Engagement with player characters can be goal-related or empathic, where goal-related engagement depends on affects elicited by goal-status evaluations whereas characters facilitate empathicContinue reading “Player Character Engagement in Computer Games”