Constructive Alignment in Teaching Game Research in Game Development Bachelors Programme

Lankoski & P Eladhari A paper to be presented at Teaching Games: Pedagogical Approaches (at DiGRA 2019 Conference) This paper presents a case study of a Bachelor level game research methods course (15 ECTS). The course covers observations, interviews, and introduction to statistical analysis. The course set-up follows constructive alignment design where the aim isContinue reading “Constructive Alignment in Teaching Game Research in Game Development Bachelors Programme”

Introduction from “Game Research Methods: An Overview”

Introduction from Lankoski & Björk, 2015. Game Research Methods: An Overview. ETC Press. The book is available as free PDF ETC Press download Printed copies can be bought at least from: Petri Lankoski & Staffan Björk This volume is about methods in game research. In game research, wide variety of methods and researchContinue reading “Introduction from “Game Research Methods: An Overview””

Game Research Methods: An Overview edited by Lankoski & Björk

Our edited collection just came out from ETC Press. Print and free pdf available: An overview presentation at slideshare:

JGVW Special Issue: Experiencing Games

I just got a copy of the special issue Experiencing games: Games, play and players of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds edited by Waern, Thorhauge, Verhagen, and me (the online version should come out by the end of December). Special issue TOC: Lankoski, Waern, Thorhauge, Verhagen: Introduction to special issue: Experiencing Games: Games,Continue reading “JGVW Special Issue: Experiencing Games”

Player Character Engagement in Computer Games

My article  Player Character Engagement in Computer Games came out. Here is the abstract: This article argues how players can control a player character influence interpretation and facilitate engagement within a game. Engagement with player characters can be goal-related or empathic, where goal-related engagement depends on affects elicited by goal-status evaluations whereas characters facilitate empathicContinue reading “Player Character Engagement in Computer Games”

AI Design for Believable Characters via Gameplay Design Patterns

Lankoski, Johansson, Karlsson, Björk & Dell’Acqua, AI Design for Believable Characters via Gameplay Design Patterns just game out. Here is the abstract: We address the problem of creating human-like, believable behavior for game characters. To achieve character believability in games, the game designer needs to develop that character so that it fulfills as many aspectsContinue reading “AI Design for Believable Characters via Gameplay Design Patterns”

Research on Game Characters, part 2

I continue my literature search on game character. Some things I have missed, popped up: Hefner, D., Klimmt, C. and Vorderer, P., 2007. Identification with the Player Character as Determinant of Video Game Enjoyment. Entertainment Computing. Springer. DOI=10.1007/978-3-540-74873-1_6. Christoph, K., Dorothée, H. and Peter, V., 2009. The Video Game Experience as “True” Identification: A TheoryContinue reading “Research on Game Characters, part 2”

Research on Game Character

Some new things to reading list and old ones to reread: Pinchbeck, D. (2009). An Analysis of Persistent Non-Player Characters in the First-Person Gaming genre 1998-2007: a case for the fusion of mechanics and diegetics. Eludamos, 3 (2), p. 261-279. URL= Jørgensen, L. (2010) Game Characters as Narrative Devices. A Comparative Analysis of Dragon Age:Continue reading “Research on Game Character”

Character-Driven Game Design & Lies and Seductions

Lies and Seductions The game can be downloaded for free at or get with the Character-Driven Game Design. OSX and Windows versions available. Works also in Linux via Wine. Lies and Seductions is a single player game about seduction, lies, and betrayal. Are you able to guide Abby to seduce a rock star, Chris,Continue reading “Character-Driven Game Design & Lies and Seductions”