Platform-produced Heteronormativity: A Content Analysis of Adult Videogames on Patreon

Petri Lankoski, Thomas Apperley, J. Tuomas Harvianen Games and Culture, (CC By) Abstract This article examines the prominent role of Patreon in the rapidly growing sector of crowdfunded pornographic games. Recent research has indicated that, on average, more people (patrons) are funding pornographic digital games on Patreon than other (non-adult) digital games. Graphtreon’s ‘TopContinue reading “Platform-produced Heteronormativity: A Content Analysis of Adult Videogames on Patreon”

Patreon and Porn Games: Crowdfunding Games, Reward Categories and Backstage Passes

Petri Lankoski & Mikolaj Dymek In DiGRA 2020 conference proceedings. The definitive version will be on DiGRA digital library. Abstract Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where pornographic games are funded; even the most successful game developer in terms of the number of members is developing a pornographic game. We looked at 42 developers and theirContinue reading “Patreon and Porn Games: Crowdfunding Games, Reward Categories and Backstage Passes”

Constructive Alignment in Teaching Game Research in Game Development Bachelors Programme

Petri Lankoski and Mirjam P. Eladhari Paper presented at Teaching Games: Pedagogical Approaches – DiGRA 2019 Pre-Conference Workshop(TGPA:DiGRA2019) August 6, 2019, Kyoto, Japan. Abstract This paper presents a case study of a Bachelor level game research methods course (15ECTS). The course covers observations, interviews, and introduction to statistical analysis. The course set-up follows constructive alignmentContinue reading “Constructive Alignment in Teaching Game Research in Game Development Bachelors Programme”

2018 DiGRA Distinguished Scholar

I have the honor to be selected as one of 2018 DiGRA Distinguished Scholars. In 2016 DiGRA established the Distinguished Scholars program to recognize senior scholars in the field of game studies who have been at the forefront of the development of rigorous scholarship, the establishment of game studies and game development programs, and whoContinue reading “2018 DiGRA Distinguished Scholar”

Game design research: An overview

Petri Lankoski and Jussi Holopainen In: Lankoski, P. and Holopainen, J., eds., 2017. Game design research. An introduction to theory & practice. ETC Press, pp.1-24. Available at (Printed book, e-pub, or free PDF) Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) Game design aims to solve a design problem of “how do we create this specificContinue reading “Game design research: An overview”

Forthcoming – Game design research: Theory & practice

Something Jussi Holopainen and I have been working on: Lankoski, P. and Holopainen, J. forthcoming. Game design research: An Introduction to Theory & practice. ETC Press. EDIT: the book is out.  More in the post Game design research: An overview. Table of contents of the book: Game design research: An overview / Petri Lankoski andContinue reading “Forthcoming – Game design research: Theory & practice”

Call for Chapters: Game Design Research Collected Edition

Edited by Petri Lankoski and Jussi Holopainen The aim of this collection is to provide an introductory book to all who wants to study game design—with the focus on games, components, systems, game development, etc.—as part of research or development. Design has been a study topic in various fields where design methods has been inContinue reading “Call for Chapters: Game Design Research Collected Edition”

Introduction from “Game Research Methods: An Overview”

Introduction from Lankoski & Björk, 2015. Game Research Methods: An Overview. ETC Press. The book is available as free PDF ETC Press download Printed copies can be bought at least from: Petri Lankoski & Staffan Björk This volume is about methods in game research. In game research, wide variety of methods and researchContinue reading “Introduction from “Game Research Methods: An Overview””

Game Research Methods: An Overview edited by Lankoski & Björk

Our edited collection just came out from ETC Press. Print and free pdf available: An overview presentation at slideshare: