Research on game characters

Schröter & Thon, Video Game Characters: Theory and Analysis, Diegesis 3, 2014, Abstract: This essay develops a method for the analysis of video game characters based on a theoretical understanding of their medium-specific representation and the mental processes involved in their intersubjective construction by video game players. We propose to distinguish, first, between narration,Continue reading “Research on game characters”

Research on Game Characters, part 2

I continue my literature search on game character. Some things I have missed, popped up: Hefner, D., Klimmt, C. and Vorderer, P., 2007. Identification with the Player Character as Determinant of Video Game Enjoyment. Entertainment Computing. Springer. DOI=10.1007/978-3-540-74873-1_6. Christoph, K., Dorothée, H. and Peter, V., 2009. The Video Game Experience as “True” Identification: A TheoryContinue reading “Research on Game Characters, part 2”

Research on Game Character

Some new things to reading list and old ones to reread: Pinchbeck, D. (2009). An Analysis of Persistent Non-Player Characters in the First-Person Gaming genre 1998-2007: a case for the fusion of mechanics and diegetics. Eludamos, 3 (2), p. 261-279. URL= Jørgensen, L. (2010) Game Characters as Narrative Devices. A Comparative Analysis of Dragon Age:Continue reading “Research on Game Character”

Lectio Praecursoria 12.5.2010

Introductory speech at my defense: Honoured Custos, honoured opponent, ladies and gentlemen. My research is about designing single player character-based computer games. With character-based games, I mean games such as Thief II: The Metal Age, Fahrenheit, Ico, and Half-Life. From the design point of view the player character, the character controlled by a player, isContinue reading “Lectio Praecursoria 12.5.2010”

Character-Driven Game Design is Out

| Buy the book | Free PDF | Updated 14.5.2010: Added download link. Back cover says: In the Character-Driven Game Design, Petri Lankoski presents a theory that illuminates how game characters contribute to shaping the playing experience. Based on this theory he provides design tools for character-based games which utilize methods and theories derived fromContinue reading “Character-Driven Game Design is Out”

Characters in Computer Games: Toward Understanding Interpretation and Design

This is an old paper published in 2003 containing an early version of character recognition framework developed further for my thesis. This version contains some edits compared to version available in Digra Digital Library due to quick html conversion (no foot notes, tables are lists, etc.). Presented at Level Up Conference Proceedings, Utrech: University ofContinue reading “Characters in Computer Games: Toward Understanding Interpretation and Design”