Data and R code of two papers

Below is link to the data file and R code used to in the final models in “Models for Story Consistency and Interestingness in Single-Player RPGs” (in Mindtrek 2013) and “Modeling Player-character engagement in Single-player character-driven games” (in ACE 2013 Netherlands).  The models q4 and q7 are used in the first paper and and the modelContinue reading “Data and R code of two papers”

Measuring character identification and attitude towards a wheelchair

A note for myself. An article about how wheelchair is considered as an extension of ones body: @article{pazzaglia2013functionally, title={A Functionally Relevant Tool for the Body following Spinal Cord Injury}, author={Pazzaglia, Mariella and Galli, Giulia and Scivoletto, Giorgio and Molinari, Marco}, journal={PloS one}, volume={8}, number={3}, pages={e58312}, year={2013}, publisher={Public Library of Science}, url={} } An article aboutContinue reading “Measuring character identification and attitude towards a wheelchair”