Joystickit kuumina PDF

Markku Reunanen has made our (Reunanen, Lankoski, Heinonen) chapter in Digirakkaus 2 available as PDF. The chapter can downloaded at (in Finnish).

Figure shows how our informants remembered certain titles from 1980 to 1995. When we posted questionnaire we missed some notorious  games in US, such as Swedish Erotica series, that would have been really interesting to know how they have being around in Finland (our qualitative data suggest that they were not very know), but maybe we will do a followup study later.

Digirakkaus 2 (Digital Love 2)

Digirakkaus 2 will be published Oct 28, 2011 (edited by Saarikoski, Heinonen, Turtiainen). We (Reunanen M., Lankoski, P., &  Heinonen, M.) have a chapter there about the history of digital erotica and how it was used in Finland. We look at years 1980 to 1995. The chapter is titled Joystickit kuumina – varhaista erotiikkaa kotitietokoneilla (Joysticks in heat: early erotica for personal computers).

More info  in Finnish and a hot trailer is available on