A rule typology

I have intended to write about rule and algorithms more than a blog post. I think that it is important to understand the qualities of games in more detailed level than just games have rules. However, I might not need to do this, because Markus Montola provides a nice typology of rules in his dissertation: InternalContinue reading “A rule typology”

Two New Dissertations on Role-play

J Tuomas Harviainen, Systemic Perspectives on Information in Physically Performed Role-play (to be defended October), http://urn.fi/urn:isbn:978-951-44-8914-3. Abstract This dissertation examines information phenomena that take place in, and related to, physically performed pretence play. The emphasis is on one hand on the play experience and the elements constituting it, but underneath that all exist information processes which essentiallyContinue reading “Two New Dissertations on Role-play”