Spatial conceptualization, Abstract Reasoning, and Games

It might be that spatial conceptualization and abstract reasoning is connectected. Lakoff and Johnson argues in their book Philosophy in the flesh that basis of our thinking is in our bodies and what kind of relations our bodies have with environment we are living in. Multiple essays in Spatial schemas and abstract thought traces questionsContinue reading “Spatial conceptualization, Abstract Reasoning, and Games”

What a Game or Role-Playing Game Means?

In digra list there is discussion on serious games with claims like game is only game if it is played. This view highlights the process nature of the games. On the other hand, the claim make obvious there is confusion what term games refers (Here I do not mean that we need definition composed byContinue reading “What a Game or Role-Playing Game Means?”

“Music and Emotion” Edited by Juslin & Sloboda

It is a gem. Book contains sections on various percepctives on emotions and music like psychology, biology, athropology, and aesthetics. There is also section Music as source of emotion in film. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, computer games are not covered:( Nonetheless, the book seems really valuable for the paper I am currently working with. JuslinContinue reading ““Music and Emotion” Edited by Juslin & Sloboda”

“Tomb Raiders & Space Invaders” by King & Krzywinska

The book looks games for four different perspective: gameplay gamespace realism, spectacle, and sensation cultural I find the first chapter Gameplay and its context most elaborated part. Conceps like gameplay, genre, narrative (or representations), and their relations are explored in detail. They argue, e.g., that the role of genre (and representational level) is to guideContinue reading ““Tomb Raiders & Space Invaders” by King & Krzywinska”

Evolutionary Neurobiology and Aesthetics

Smith study on how some evolutionary aspects might relate to aesthetic evaluations. Sensory system is tuned to react unexpected; unexpected inputs leads high arousal state and that might be basis for aesthetics of modern: shock of new Savannah-like landscapes with water, large trees, semi-open space, changes in elevation, and some complexity is preferred across differentContinue reading “Evolutionary Neurobiology and Aesthetics”