Game Design and Production

There are still some things to be taken care before the game design and production curriculum is officially published on Aalto Oodi. The teaching schedule  is available on media lab courses page along with New Media specialization area courses.

Meanwhile, you can read the degree requirements for Game Design and Production below. The official requirements can be found at the Oodi later.

(The linked course pages are still rather empty; the course descriptions are not yet public, only the course headings.) Edit 22.6.2010

Obligatory Studies (20 ECTS)

The Obligatory Studies are as defined in the MA in New Media Curriculum and are as follows

  • Understanding Media and Design (5 ECTS)
  • New Media Exam (1 ECTS)
  • Personal Study Plan (1 ECTS)
  • Software Studies for Media Designers (3 ECTS)
  • Media Art and Culture (3 ECTS)
  • Media Design Research (3 ECTS)
  • Master Thesis Seminar (4 ECTS)

Advanced Studies (60-100)

The Advanced Studies in Game Design and Production include the following courses:

The master’s thesis in Game Design and Production should be a game and written part.

In addition, courses at least 10 ECTS is selected from the following list:

Courses from the School of Economics, the department of Information System Science, and from School of Science and Technology, the department of Media Technology can be included as agreed in the study plan.

Optional Studies (0–40 ECTS)

The Optional Studies are as defined in the MA in New Media Curriculum.

BA Level Language Studies

The BA level language studies are compulsory as defined in the MA in New Media Curriculum. The credits of the language courses are not included in the MA degree.


The courses in Game Design and Production is primarily intended for the students of New Media, Game Design and Production specialization. We also take students students from other departments in the following order :

  1. The department of Media New Media, New Media & Sound
  2. The school of  Science and Technology, the department of Media Technology
  3. The school of economics, Information System Science.

In courses involving practical work students, groups must be able to develop something. In order to ensure that groups have students with a suitable set of skills, students are prioritized based on their skill sets and suitability to the groups.

Published by lankoski

Petri Lankoski, D.Arts, is a Associate Professor in Game Studies at the school of Communication, Media and IT at the Södertörn University, Sweden. His research focuses on game design, game characters, role-playing, and playing experience. Petri has been concentrating on single-player video games but researched also (multi-player) pnp and live-action role-playing games. This blog focuses on his research on games and related things.

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