Game Project

Game Project, 6–15 ECTS


Design and develop a fully playable game that is at least beta level
The game should be

  • A murder mystery with 4 to 5 characters (plus the murdered one)
  • Happens in an isolated island with no possibility to leave before X days
  • No violence within gameplay

In addition, the groups have different mood that they should have in their game.

The group Tails’ adjectives are:

  • witty
  • calm
  • foggy
The group Heads’ adjectives are:
  • paranoid
  • beautiful
  • hot

The group should publish the game as freeware.


  • Quality of game design
  • Quality of execution

Note that missed deadlines will reduce grades (unless extension to the deadline is agreed beforehand).


  • Design Document (deadline 27.10.2010)
  • Art Bible (deadline 27.10.2010)
  • Asset List (deadline 27.10.2010)
  • Main Assets (deadline 8.12.2010)
  • First Playable  (deadline 11.3.2010)
  • Beta (deadline 6.5.2010)
  • Learning Diary1 (deadline 27.5)
  • Work Amount Report1 (deadline 27.5)

1. Each one return their own

To Get You Going

Lies and Seductions Unity project (C# code is freely usable in our games as long as the authors are acknowledged). The project includes

  • Wayfinding (A* with NavMeshes)
  • Dialogue engine (+ editor)
  • 3rd person camera handling
  • and some other possible handy code

We also have small budget to buy assets for the games.

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