“Perceiving Doors: Fiction vs Simulation in Games” by Aarseth

(All quotations are from Aarseth’s paper.) Aarseth discusses about what is real, fiction, and virtual (in games). He adopts Philip K. Dick’s definition of real: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing it, doesn’t go away” (A). Aarseth goes on to discuss fictionality; he defines fiction as “invented phenomena” (B) based on definition fromContinue reading ““Perceiving Doors: Fiction vs Simulation in Games” by Aarseth”

“Better Game Characters by Design” by Katherine Isbister

Isbister takes detailed look on the theories of social psychology and discussed their relevanve to game charcater design. The role of first impressions and stereotyping; psychological dimensions of personality; and how face, voice, body, and interpesonal relations influence our person perseption is described. The chapters about face, voice, and body seem very useful; they discussContinue reading ““Better Game Characters by Design” by Katherine Isbister”

Story so far

Some work relating to my thesis has been presented at conferences or published in a book. Lankoski Petri, Heliö Satu, Ekman Inger. Characters in Computer Games. Toward Understanding Interpretation and Desing in Level Up. Utrecth, Netherlands, 4-6 November, 2003. Available: http://www.digra.org/dl/display_html?chid=05087.10012. Lankoski Petri. Character Design Fundamentals for Role-Playing Games in Montola Markus, Stenros Jaakko (eds.).Continue reading “Story so far”