Lies and Seductions Source Code

Edit Nov 13, 2010: Unity project is now updated to 3.0. The source code is old 2.1 version without newer bug fixes included into the project and to the current version of the Lies and Seductions game. License details can be found in the Licenses folder. The source is mostly available under Apache 2.o licenseContinue reading “Lies and Seductions Source Code”

Lies and Seductions

Petri Lankoski¹ and Tommi Horttana² 1 University of Art and Design Helsinki 2 Helsinki University of Technology This is author’s version of the paper. Authoritative version is published in: U. Spierling and N. Szilas (Eds.): ICIDS 2008, LNCS 5334, pp. 44–47, 2008, URL= © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008.  Abstract. Lies and Seductions is a computerContinue reading “Lies and Seductions”