rpy2 and plotting

I had a problem to plot in R or rpy2 when I started the R on Terminal on Mac OSX (R works fine if started by clicking it on Lauchpad ). R throws an following error if locale is set to C.

Error in axis(side = side, at = at, labels = labels, ...) : 
  could not find any X11 fonts
Check that the Font Path is correct.
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In function (display = "", width, height, pointsize, gamma, bg,  :
  locale not supported by Xlib: some X ops will operate in C locale
2: In function (display = "", width, height, pointsize, gamma, bg,  :
  X cannot set locale modifiers

Running command “export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8” on Terminal before starting R or python fix this (or adding it to .profile file).

Published by lankoski

Petri Lankoski, D.Arts, is a Associate Professor in Game Studies at the school of Communication, Media and IT at the Södertörn University, Sweden. His research focuses on game design, game characters, role-playing, and playing experience. Petri has been concentrating on single-player video games but researched also (multi-player) pnp and live-action role-playing games. This blog focuses on his research on games and related things.

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