Intro to Unity GUI

This post contains an solutions  to my Unity programming exercises and classes I showed at the lectures. This post cover coding some basic things about using Unity GUI system. StartScreenGUI (C#) This class creates simple re-sizable and skinnable start screen for a game with main screen, credits screen, and confirm screen for quitting. The mainContinue reading “Intro to Unity GUI”

Notes on Aalto Game Design Courses

Now the first year (of two year MA degree programme) of the Game Design and Production at the School of Art and Design at the Aalto University is over (and I am at the Södertörn University), I thought to write notes about the courses. Game Design: Gameplay Design Workshop (5 days) by Petri Ikonen (DigitalContinue reading “Notes on Aalto Game Design Courses”

Some Refelections on the Game Project Course

In the Game Project course students design and develop a game from a scratch to (at least) beta level. It is obvious that current version of the game project course has some flaws. Currently the structure suffers issues of the big-design-first model. The course milestones set does not require prototyping and iteration. This has workedContinue reading “Some Refelections on the Game Project Course”

Brathwaite Rants about Game Education

The main message is that game designers should be able to code. Code is the tool of the trade. ( I agree that one should be able to design dynamics for games. Designing dynamic is to design code. Understanding algorithms, state machines, behavior trees can be extremely helpful for game design. This said, knowing rudimentaryContinue reading “Brathwaite Rants about Game Education”