Embodiment in character-based video games data: studies 3 and 4

The data of studies 3 and 4 of Embodiment in character-based video games

In both, EC1, EC2, EC3, EG1, EG2, and EG4 are embodiment scale items. The items starting with P are PENS items. Both uses 7-point Likert scale where 7 fully agrees.

Background items scales:

  • gender: 1=man, 2=woman, 3=other
  • videogames, PC games, and mobile games: 1=daily, 2=a few times a week, 3=week, 4=less frequent, 5=not at all

Results presented in the table 2 of Embodiment in character-based videogames were calcululated with lme4:

table2.lmer = lmer(embodiment ~ log(time+1) + type + (1|id), data = df.study3)

Table 3 results:

table3.lmer = lmer(embodiment~trial+(1|id), data=df.study4)

Table 4 results:

table4.lmer=lmer(presence~embodiment + trial+(1|id), data=df.study4)

I plan to upload CFA and EFA data sets later.

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