Goals, Affects, and Empathy in Games

*** To be presented at THE PHILOSOPHY OF COMPUTER GAMES REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY, ON JANUARY 25�27, 2007 The paper available on conference web site http://game.unimore.it/Papers/Lankoski_Paper.pdf Version on my site contains few typo corrections EDIT: An extended and much revised version of this paper was published in The Philosophy  of Computer Games with the title ComputerContinue reading “Goals, Affects, and Empathy in Games”

“Investigating the Affects of Music on Emotion in Games” by Moffat & Kiegler

N=15, Three random groups (N=5), 11 male, 4 female, aged between 18 and 26. They were evaluating two Alan Wake trailers in the study with different types of music. Study was about comparison of affects when viewing of the clip with different music (group1: silence, clip 1, and fearful, clip 2; g2 sad and aggressive;Continue reading ““Investigating the Affects of Music on Emotion in Games” by Moffat & Kiegler”

Papers on Role-Playing Games

I noticed some new papers on role-playing games: On the Role of the Die: A brief ludologic study of pen-and-paper roleplaying games and their rules. Game Studies 6(1). by Joris Dormans Pen-and-paper roleplaying games, like computer games, are in their essence rule-based simulation “engines” that facilitate playful interaction. These similarities make it possible to takeContinue reading “Papers on Role-Playing Games”

“The Logic of Practice” by Bourdieu

Some notes about the arguments in the book: Practices are not based on rules or agreements. Habitus is a system, which produces and organize practices and representations. Habitus is produced in interaction with environment. Habitus and institutions are two means to objectify history. Two habitus could theoretically be identical if two individual would have sameContinue reading ““The Logic of Practice” by Bourdieu”