The Best Games of 2010

Guardian lists their top 20: Red Dead Redemption is number one, Mass Effect 2 is number two, and Heavy Rain is number three in their list. It seems that these games has win critics; they have been praised elsewhere also. Their also mention Alan Wake (17) and Angry Birds (12).

Leisure Suite Larry Backrground

Al Lowe shares some design documents on his site, including Leisure Suite Larry 5–7. Some concept art for the game are available on the page and then some information what connects Larry and Softporn Adventure on the page An interview of Al Lowe on Hard Core Gaming reveals some details behind hisContinue reading “Leisure Suite Larry Backrground”

Obsession to Lie Detection in US Series

Non-game-related rant. I have been amazed about the US series revolving around lie detection such as Lie to Me and The Moment of Truth. In those, the truth-by-science fetishism bothers me; the idea that one can detect a lie without errors is suspicious using machines or just watching facial expressions and body language. Even whenContinue reading “Obsession to Lie Detection in US Series”

Game Screenshots and Fair Use (or Dealing)

Many publishers ask researchers to secure copyright owners permissions for screenshots for academic works. However, typical academic use falls under fair use. Jesper Juul writes that following argument (that permissions is not needed) can and should be used when publishers ask the permissions: Precedent: Video game reviews, commentary, as well as a large body ofContinue reading “Game Screenshots and Fair Use (or Dealing)”

Knutepunkt 2009 Book Available Online

Lates Knutepunkt book, Larp, the Universe and Everything: An anthology on the theory and practice of live role-playing (larp), is now published online. The book chapters are available at TOC: Introduction (Matthijs Holter, Eirik Fatland, Even Tømte) A bilingual history of Latvian larp (Agnese “Axa” Dzervite) 33 ways to have fun at a LatvianContinue reading “Knutepunkt 2009 Book Available Online”