IJPR Issue 2:1 is out

New issue: journalofroleplaying.org/?page_id=226 Jonne Arjoranta. Defining Role-Playing Games as Language-Games William J. White. Playing House in a World of Night: Discursive Trajectories of Masculinity in a Tabletop Role-Playing Game Myriel Balzer. Immersion as a Prerequisite of the Didactical Potential of Role-Playing Noirin Curran. Stereotypes and Individual Differences in Role-playing Games J. Tuomas Harviainen. Sadomasochist Role-PlayingContinue reading “IJPR Issue 2:1 is out”

Research on Game Character

Some new things to reading list and old ones to reread: Pinchbeck, D. (2009). An Analysis of Persistent Non-Player Characters in the First-Person Gaming genre 1998-2007: a case for the fusion of mechanics and diegetics. Eludamos, 3 (2), p. 261-279. URL=http://www.eludamos.org/index.php/eludamos/article/view/vol3no2-9/137. Jørgensen, L. (2010) Game Characters as Narrative Devices. A Comparative Analysis of Dragon Age:Continue reading “Research on Game Character”

Game Studies 1101 Is Out

Game Studies special issue Game Reward Systems (edited by Mikael Jakobsson, Olli Sotamaa) is out. Table of contents Hats of Affect: A Study of Affect, Achievements and Hats in Team Fortress 2 by Christopher Moore Achievements, Motivations and Rewards in Faunasphere by Jason Begy, Mia Consalvo The Achievement Machine: Understanding Xbox 360 Achievements in GamingContinue reading “Game Studies 1101 Is Out”