The First Graduates…

The first students in bachelors programs Computer Game Programme: Game Design and Production and Computer Game Programme: Game Graphics. A group of graduating students also just got their first game A Story About My Uncle released on Steam. In addition, the first students are graduating from the  Game design and production masters program at Aalto University (was establishing thatContinue reading “The First Graduates…”

Classical game now at Internet Achieve

Today, the Internet Archive announces the Historical Software Archive, a collection of prominent and historically notable pieces of software, able to be run immediately in your browser.  They range from pioneering applications to obscure forgotten utilities, and from peak-of-perfection designs to industry-crashing classics. ( And the direct link to the archive:    

IJRP issue 4 is out

International journal of role-playing published issue 4. It contains following articles: Bowman, S.L.: Social Conflict in Role-Playing Communities: An Exploratory Qualitative Study Much of the current research in the field of role-playing studies focuses upon the positive impact that games can have on the lives of participants. This research describes potential problems within role-playing communities. Ilieva,A.: CulturalContinue reading “IJRP issue 4 is out”

A Piece of Gaming History Reported

Dale Dobson writes on Gamasutra about history of TSR-80 including a look at the notable games in the platform for example Zork, a text-adventure classic (1980) Temple of Ashai (1979) Misadventure #2, an adult text-adventure (1982) Asylum, a first-person adventure game with 3D graphics (1981). Recommended read to those who are interested in the historyContinue reading “A Piece of Gaming History Reported”

Introduction to Unity

  Unity 1 from Petri Lankoski The introduction tutorial uses accompanied Unity packages: (requires Pro, as it uses Image Effects and Sound Effects). (work in the free version of  Unity). Update 2013/01/07. file hosting changes and URLs changes to point to the new location. Update 2012/10/27: The slides and packages now include GameManager and MainScreenGUI prefabs. GameAgentsContinue reading “Introduction to Unity”

Computer Games and Emotions

Petri Lankoski Authoritative version is published in Sageng, Fossheim & Larsen (eds.), The Philosophy of Computer Games, Springer, pp. 39–55,  DOI=10.1007/978-94-007-4249-9_4. Introduction An intriguing question in the philosophy of fiction is on how can we be moved by the fates of the fictional characters or how we fear a fictional monster? This question, in the context of literature andContinue reading “Computer Games and Emotions”

Original Prince of Persia Source Code

Jordan Mechner published the original Prince of Persia (1989) source code (in 6502 assembly language) along with a technical document associated with the code. Links to the code and doc are on the page This is a great move to preserve the history of videogames!  

Role-playing in single-player videogames

I will present my paper Role-playing in single-player videogames at Role-playing in games seminar (April 10-11, 2012). (The paper might be  in the program with its old title Role-Playing in Single-Player Computer Role-Playing Games). The paper present a small study set to investigate relation between role-playing and story. Following hypothesis are examined: Role-playing ones characterContinue reading “Role-playing in single-player videogames”