Cortex Connections Mapped

Hagmann, Cammoun et al (2008). Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex In the human brain, neural activation patterns are shaped by the underlying structural connections that form a dense network of fiber pathways linking all regions of the cerebral cortex. Using diffusion imaging techniques, which allow the noninvasive mapping of fiber pathways, weContinue reading “Cortex Connections Mapped”

“Games without Frontiers” by Järvinen

Aki Järvinen’s PhD thesis is now published (he will defend it at March). It is worth to read. I have been using draft version of it in teaching Introduction to Game Analysis course. Järvinen, A. (2008). Games without Frontiers: Theories and Methods for Game Studies and Design. Tampere: TUP,

“Narrative, Games, and Theory” by Simons

Narrative, Games, and Theory by Simons The article Narrative, Games, and Theory by Simons reviews ludology–narrative debate and claims that Eskelinen’s, Aarseth’s, and Frasca’s anti-narrativist arguments are fallacious. In addition Simons looks game theory and makes comparisons between game theory and game studies approaches. The most interesting part for me is a section titled PlayersContinue reading ““Narrative, Games, and Theory” by Simons”

Playing More Pleasurable to Males than Females?

Science Daily reports on a study conducted at he Stanford University School of Medicine, in which researcher found out that playing activated the brain’s pleasure center of males more than female. [T]he researchers found that the participants showed activation in the brain’s mesocorticolimbic center, the region typically associated with reward and addiction. Male brains, however,Continue reading “Playing More Pleasurable to Males than Females?”

Ad Hominem

The article Definition of Videogames1, which I commented earlier, reminded me of a discussion about defining games at Digra 2007 conference. When I mentioned Wittgentein2 critique on definitions based on necessary and sufficient conditions, I got a reply that dismissed Wittgenstein critique, because he changed his mind. The presented argument, he changed his mind, isContinue reading “Ad Hominem”

“Definition of Videogames” by Grant Tavinor

In the volume 6 of Contemporary Aesthetics, Grand Tavinor takes on task to define videogames. He accepts that “videogames cannot be defined by a simple necessary and sufficient condition definition of videogamess”.1 He proposes that a video game can be defined by disjunctive definition (e.g., X is a game if A or B). His proposalContinue reading ““Definition of Videogames” by Grant Tavinor”

Audio Mostly Proceedings

Audio Mostly Conference proceedings is available at The proceedings contains Inger Ekman’s paper on sound design for our The Song of North game. There are also at least two other papers on games that I need to check: Farnell, Andy James. Procudural game audio using Pure Data; Berndt, Axel; Hartmann, Knut. Strategies for NarrativeContinue reading “Audio Mostly Proceedings”