Game Studies 8(1) and 8(2)

Game Studies journal seems to be resurrected after long coma. Issue 8(2) Jørgensen: Audio and Gameplay: An Analysis of PvP Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft Tyler: A Procrustean Probe Sample: Virtual Torture: Videogames and the War on Terror Sicart: Defining Game Mechanics Zagal & Bruckman: Novices, Gamers, and Scholars: Exploring the Challenges of Teaching AboutContinue reading “Game Studies 8(1) and 8(2)”

Building and Reconstructing Character. A Case Study of Silent Hill 3

This is old publication from 2005. The paper was presented at Changing Views: Worlds in Play Conference, Vancouver. Proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Conference: Changing Views – Worlds in Play. © 2005 Authors & Digital Games Research Association DiGRA. Personal and educational classroom use of this paper is allowed, commercial use requires specific permission from theContinue reading “Building and Reconstructing Character. A Case Study of Silent Hill 3”

Characters in Computer Games: Toward Understanding Interpretation and Design

This is an old paper published in 2003 containing an early version of character recognition framework developed further for my thesis. This version contains some edits compared to version available in Digra Digital Library due to quick html conversion (no foot notes, tables are lists, etc.). Presented at Level Up Conference Proceedings, Utrech: University ofContinue reading “Characters in Computer Games: Toward Understanding Interpretation and Design”

Character-Driven Game Design: Characters, Conflict, and Gameplay

Petri Lankoski Staffan Björk In GDTW2008 Proceedings, Liverpool John Moores University, UK (12th – 13th Nov). ABSTRACT Contemporary computer and video games utilize characters in large extent. However, game research literature says only little about how to design gameplay so that it reflects characters’ personality; mainly focusing on the narration and graphical presentation of theContinue reading “Character-Driven Game Design: Characters, Conflict, and Gameplay”

Meaningfull Play Conference Proceedings

Available on the Internet. Need to check at least following papers: SimDialog: A Visual Game Dialog Editor (Charles Owen, Frank Biocca, Corey Bohil and Jason Conley) Rules of Engagement: Influence of Co-Player Presence on Player Involvement in Digital Games (Brian Gajadhar, Yvonne de Kort and Wijnand IJsselsteijn) Game Design and the Challenge-Avoiding Impression Manager PlayerContinue reading “Meaningfull Play Conference Proceedings”

Papers Accepted

I have a short paper / demonstration accepted in Interactive Storytelling 08 conference titled Lies and Seductions (with Tommi Horttana). Then I have a long paper accepted to GDTW2008 conference titled Character-Driven Game Design: Characters, Conflict, and Gameplay (with Staffan Björk). With these two I have four papers accepted, and two in the process. IContinue reading “Papers Accepted”

Reading TODO

Chen, Sande (2008). Towards More Meaningful Games: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Gamasutra. At In this thought-provoking design piece, writer Sande Chen (The Witcher) takes a look at how to ratchet up emotional intensity – through narrative design, visuals, and music – to create more meaningful games. (Gamasutra editors)