Theory Lenses: Deriving Gameplay Design Patterns from Theories

Petri Lankoski, Staffan Björk ACM, (2011). This is authors version of the work. It is posted here by permission of ACM for your personal use. Not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in MindTrek’11 (Tampere ) ABSTRACT Gameplay design patterns are semiformal interconnected descriptions features of gameplay. While most previous patterns have beenContinue reading “Theory Lenses: Deriving Gameplay Design Patterns from Theories”

Role-playing in single-player videogames

I will present my paper Role-playing in single-player videogames at Role-playing in games seminar (April 10-11, 2012). (The paper might be  in the program with its old title Role-Playing in Single-Player Computer Role-Playing Games). The paper present a small study set to investigate relation between role-playing and story. Following hypothesis are examined: Role-playing ones characterContinue reading “Role-playing in single-player videogames”

Unethical Research?

Malena Ivarsson et al. put 12-15 year old children to play Animaniacs and Manhunt to see if there is different effects on playing these games ( Can you see any issues here? The Pegi rating of the Manhunt is 18, because it contains extreme violence. Hence, it is not meant to be played by 12-15Continue reading “Unethical Research?”

Rpy2 and drawing pie diagram

Here is code that I come up with for drawing a pie diagram using rpy2. The function takes two lists. Function takes two lists: data contains frequencies and labels labels. The argument title set the title text of chart. Radius sets the radius of pie (max 1.0). Font size 1 is default, 1.5 is 50%Continue reading “Rpy2 and drawing pie diagram”

Calculating correlation with rpy2

I spend some time trying to figure out how to use R via Rpy2. Here are a short python code that I used to calculate correlation using Rpy2 import rpy2.robjects as robjects def get_rcorr(floatData, n_rows, method=”spearman”): “”” floatData: list of floats, number of rows in the data matrix Hmisc library needs to be loaded beforeContinue reading “Calculating correlation with rpy2”

Benefits of Play

Peter Gray wrote two pieces on benefits of play. One piece deals with the need of some unregulated, unsafe play. The other piece discusses the benefits fo video game playing for children. How Children Learn Bravery in an Age of Overprotection The Many Benefits, for Kids, of Playing Video Games (this one contains a goodContinue reading “Benefits of Play”

Violent Video Games Effects? What Are They?

Now game violence effect discussion is active again in Sweden after Karolinska Institute researchers have been publishing their opinions in DN, I did some research on the topic (again). A report Understanding the Effects of Violent Video Games on Violent Crime by Cunningham et al (2011) states: First, they [the study results] support the behavioralContinue reading “Violent Video Games Effects? What Are They?”

Joystickit kuumina PDF

Markku Reunanen has made our (Reunanen, Lankoski, Heinonen) chapter in Digirakkaus 2 available as PDF. The chapter can downloaded at (in Finnish). Figure shows how our informants remembered certain titles from 1980 to 1995. When we posted questionnaire we missed some notorious  games in US, such as Swedish Erotica series, that would have beenContinue reading “Joystickit kuumina PDF”

Introduction to special issue: experiencing games: games, play and players

Petri Lankoski, Södertörn University Annika Waern, Stockholm University Anne Mette Thorhauge, University of Copenhagen Harko Verhagen, Stockholm University This is a reprint version of the introduction article for special issue in the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds 3: 3, DOI: 10.1386/jgvw.3.3.175_7. The text contains DOI links to the special issue articles on Intellect site.