A simple save system in Unity

Saving game data is a task that I need regularly. Using serialization and writing data to a file is an approach that I have used much, but that does not work in WebGL builds. Instead, I wrote data in a PlayerPrefs string. In this way I do not need to keep a details about whatContinue reading “A simple save system in Unity”

Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 8

It is time to create a start menu for the game. For that, we need a scene. After creating the scene, rename the scene file to “start_screen” or something like that. (Scroll down for the links to previous parts of this tutorial.) Add the scene to the build settings (File->Build Settings…) Make sure that start_screen sceneContinue reading “Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 8”

Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 5

This part adds logic for the PC and keep track of things such as health, dying. I also add functionality for invisibility (that have already partly added in Guard class).  I also add HUD using the new GUI system to show health and energy (that is used to maintain invisibility). Previous parts: part 1 partContinue reading “Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 5”

Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 1

This tutorial goes through how to build a 1st person sneaking game with simple enemies/guards that patrols predefined routes and if they spot the PC they start to follow and attack if they get near enough. A short video clip demonstrates the guard behaviour this tutorial builds. This tutorial assumes that you are familiar withContinue reading “Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 1”

An Experiment in Teaching Level Design

I wanted to introduce some unconventional design approaching while teaching level design. I have had an idea to do a game with using a surrealist  approach. For that I designed a game stub and coded the base functionality on the top of Unity. The student are tasked to do level design using that design, code,Continue reading “An Experiment in Teaching Level Design”