Game design research: An overview

Petri Lankoski and Jussi Holopainen In: Lankoski, P. and Holopainen, J., eds., 2017. Game design research. An introduction to theory & practice. ETC Press, pp.1-24. Available at (Printed book, e-pub, or free PDF) Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) Game design aims to solve a design problem of “how do we create this specificContinue reading “Game design research: An overview”

Forthcoming – Game design research: Theory & practice

Something Jussi Holopainen and I have been working on: Lankoski, P. and Holopainen, J. forthcoming. Game design research: An Introduction to Theory & practice. ETC Press. EDIT: the book is out.  More in the post Game design research: An overview. Table of contents of the book: Game design research: An overview / Petri Lankoski andContinue reading “Forthcoming – Game design research: Theory & practice”

Some more embodiment analyses

Here are some more (explorative) analyses from the embodiment data used the Embodiment in character-based video games. I collected also workload data using raw Nasa TLX when gathering data for EFA and CFA, but then I did not use workload data in analyses. My assumption was that workload would correlate with the embodiment, but did not lookContinue reading “Some more embodiment analyses”

Embodiment in character-based video games

Petri Lankoski This is author’s version of the paper. The authoritative version is available via ACM.DOI: The paper is presented at AcademicMindtrek’16, October 17-18, 2016, Tampere, Finland (c) 2016 ACM. ISBN978-1-4503-4367-1/16/10… and published in the conference proceedings. Abstract Embodiment is used to denote the sense that something is a part of one’s body. TheContinue reading “Embodiment in character-based video games”

Confidence intervals & credible intervals

This is a note for me. Confidence intervals: “Are the observed data x reasonable given the hypothesised values of θ?” == P(θ| x) vs Credible intervals: “What values of θ are reasonable given the observed data x?” == P(x| θ) Those are related as “P(θ| x) = P(θ)P(x| θ)” Credible intervals are part of Bayesian approach.

Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 8

It is time to create a start menu for the game. For that, we need a scene. After creating the scene, rename the scene file to “start_screen” or something like that. (Scroll down for the links to previous parts of this tutorial.) Add the scene to the build settings (File->Build Settings…) Make sure that start_screen sceneContinue reading “Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 8”