Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 8

It is time to create a start menu for the game. For that, we need a scene. After creating the scene, rename the scene file to “start_screen” or something like that. (Scroll down for the links to previous parts of this tutorial.) Add the scene to the build settings (File->Build Settings…) Make sure that start_screen sceneContinue reading “Tutorial: 1st-person sneak in Unity 5, part 8”

About my formal education & stuff

As there seems to be some interest of my eduction, I thought to add a short note about that so that this is out here. I have Masters degree in New Media (art & design). That degree includes 60-70% computer science, mathematics, and multimedia (that was at that time formal languages, signal processing, virtual reality, etc.).Continue reading “About my formal education & stuff”

Call for Chapters: Game Design Research Collected Edition

Edited by Petri Lankoski and Jussi Holopainen The aim of this collection is to provide an introductory book to all who wants to study game design—with the focus on games, components, systems, game development, etc.—as part of research or development. Design has been a study topic in various fields where design methods has been inContinue reading “Call for Chapters: Game Design Research Collected Edition”

Some notes about the freedom of expression, games & critique

(I was first thinking to write a short essay with this title, but this turned to be loosely related thoughts about the topic.) Freedom of expression has newer covered using expression to harm someones reputation and slander a person. Freedom of expression is threatened if people are afraid to express their opinions, even if they don’tContinue reading “Some notes about the freedom of expression, games & critique”

My experiences with censorship & media panics

I grew up with books and comics. Big part of comics available in Finland were translations of European comics such as Asterix, Yoko Tsuno, Spirou et fantasia, Blueberry, Tex Willer, Judge Dredd (and bit later Valerians, Canardo & Bilal, Tardi, Comes), but also US superhero comics.  At that time I was not even aware thatContinue reading “My experiences with censorship & media panics”

Media Violence Research and Youth Violence Data: Why Do They Conflict? (by Olson)

This is note for myself. “Risk factors for violence tend to occur in clusters. Violent game play may disproportionately affect children who lack protective factors such as a nurturing relationship with at least one adult […]” Olson, 2004. Media Violence Research and Youth Violence Data: Why Do They Conflict? Academic Psychiatry, 28(2) , pp 144-150. DOI=10.1176/appi.ap.28.2.144

Introduction from “Game Research Methods: An Overview”

Introduction from Lankoski & Björk, 2015. Game Research Methods: An Overview. ETC Press. The book is available as free PDF ETC Press download Printed copies can be bought at least from: Lulu.com Amazon.com Petri Lankoski & Staffan Björk This volume is about methods in game research. In game research, wide variety of methods and researchContinue reading “Introduction from “Game Research Methods: An Overview””