Analysis for design

A lecture about who to analyse (board) games using statistics, probability theory and simulations. Link to the slides if Slide Share plugin does not work: Scripts used to analyse games and visualise data:

Yet Another DiGRA FAQ

1. What is DiGRA Digital Games Research Association – DiGRA is a Finnish non-profit (see also, about DiGRA). DiGRA “aims to support and promote the academic study of digital games and develop its recognition as a field of enquiry”. See bylaws (Finnish and Bylaws in English 2. What DiGRA does The main operations of DiGRA areContinue reading “Yet Another DiGRA FAQ”

On gamers are dead news articles

It seems that I ended up writing something bit lengthier than a tweet of facebook update about this. Jenni Goodchild posted an analysis of gamers are death news articles by @firehawk32 at ( The most of these are posted at Aug 28, 2014. Sargon of Akkad in his Youtube video claims that these articles canContinue reading “On gamers are dead news articles”

CFP: DiGRA 2015

Diversity of play: Games – Cultures – Identities 14-17 May 2015, Lüneburg, Germany Video game culture has had a self-image of being a distinct cultural form united by participants identifying themselves as ‘gamers’ for many years. Variations in this identity have been perceived either in relation to preferred platform or level of commitment and skill (newbie, casual, core, pro, etc.). Today theContinue reading “CFP: DiGRA 2015”

Colliders and Different Methods of Moving Objects in Unity

One problem with students starting to work with Unity is to understand when colliders work and when they do not work. This very simple demonstration shows how Physics::AddForce(), CharacterController:: SimpleMove() and Translate.Transform() behaves with colliders. Moving a GameObject using Physics and CharacterController based methods interacts with collisions whereas Transform::Translate() does not as seen in the video. Moreover,Continue reading “Colliders and Different Methods of Moving Objects in Unity”

Research on game characters

Schröter & Thon, Video Game Characters: Theory and Analysis, Diegesis 3, 2014, Abstract: This essay develops a method for the analysis of video game characters based on a theoretical understanding of their medium-specific representation and the mental processes involved in their intersubjective construction by video game players. We propose to distinguish, first, between narration,Continue reading “Research on game characters”

The First Graduates…

The first students in bachelors programs Computer Game Programme: Game Design and Production and Computer Game Programme: Game Graphics. A group of graduating students also just got their first game A Story About My Uncle released on Steam. In addition, the first students are graduating from the  Game design and production masters program at Aalto University (was establishing thatContinue reading “The First Graduates…”

An Experiment in Teaching Level Design

I wanted to introduce some unconventional design approaching while teaching level design. I have had an idea to do a game with using a surrealist  approach. For that I designed a game stub and coded the base functionality on the top of Unity. The student are tasked to do level design using that design, code,Continue reading “An Experiment in Teaching Level Design”